The Adventures of Puppee!

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The Adventures of Puppee!

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The Adventures of Puppee (pronounced "Poo-pay") is underground film-punk unlike anything you have ever seen. Twelve years in the making, this wildly imaginative, bold, and irreverent dark comedy is now available! 

DVD ($20+)

The DVD extends all the quality, care, and handcrafted nature of the film into a physical work of art. Each disc and cover design has been hand screen-printed with pain-staking detail. Less than 100 of these special DVDs will ever be made, so act fast!

Ordering a DVD will also give you full access to the digital version of the film.

Digital Version ($0+)

The digital version is DRM-Free and Pay What You Want! You can download the film, stream it online, or deliver it straight to Dropbox. If you really want to, you could download the film for FREE! You don't even need a credit card, just type in "0" for the price; oh god, why am I telling you this...

That said, any contributions you give will help cover the costs of this truly independent, self-funded 12-year production, as well as help us to create future works like The Adventures of Puppee.

The Puppee Codex (Included!)

Both the download version and the DVD will also come with The Puppee Codex. This booklet includes a language guide, filmmaker logs from the storied production, and excerpts from Ronald's original notebooks, detailing a few of the many secrets of Puppee's world. 

***We will cover all sales tax and domestic shipping!***

The Adventures of Puppee is a film best enjoyed with company. We encourage you to share it with your friends, and to watch it together using your main TV. The downloadable MP4 can be saved to a USB flash drive and viewed using any modern TV or Blu-Ray player. Both the DVD and the digital version are optionally available in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for the Full Puppee Experience!

As a bonus, we will also keep you notified of this and future Nettlefilms productions!

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting independent art!



I want this!

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